Views on LAVARINI & his ORCHESTra

Press excerpts

A concert for connoisseurs

Liechtensteiner Vaterland, FL, 18 June 2013

Concerts by Concentus rivensis draw in classical music enthusiasts from all over the region. Despite the warm temperatures outside, a large audience gathered in Schaan and enjoyed the passion and precision of the symphony orchestra under the baton of conductor Enrico Lavarini.
The Swiss composer and conductor composes (…) works for Concentus rivensis. This year, for example, he has created a vocal composition based on Rainer Maria Rilke’s "Im Kirchhof zu Ragaz". Rilke’s poems were sung with great finesse and emotion by the Rheintal’s Samuel Zünd. The baritone blended in seamlessly with the orchestra, conducted by the composer himself, and conveyed the full beauty and tragedy of the words through the music.
The professional musicians from Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria and Germany performed the “Unfinished” with so much dedication and precision that the audience gave them a standing ovation at the end. The Concentus rivensis symphony orchestra, conducted by Enrico Lavarini, provided a wonderful concert which more than compensated for the lack of sunlight in the dark concert hall.

The musical cosmos of Enrico Lavarini

Carmela Konrad, soprano, April 2012
Ever since I first experienced Enrico Lavarini’s music at the inaugural performance of the “Oratorium Vitus” in 2006, I have been unable to let go of it.
I sang the great soprano part in his Christmas work “Quem pastores laudavere” for the first time in 2007.
The passion of his music, and the unmistakable, brilliant, energetic and colourful tone language captivate me again and again.
Enrico Lavarini’s music impresses with its vast wealth of surprising and varied contrasts. His creative strength can provoke the gentlest, innermost, faintest and most precious emotional responses, as well as an exuberant, nail-biting, unconditional explosion of sound.
Enrico Lavarini’s music enchants with its colourful, highly detailed instrumentation and its wealth of wonderful, uplifting and surprising melodies.
Enrico Lavarini manages to convey the Christmas message of love, hope, joy and light in a most wonderful way in his work “Quem pastores laudavere”.
His music speaks to me directly. Our artistic collaboration is very precious to me.

Aargauer Zeitung, 20 December 2012

Enrico Lavarini performed his work “Quem pastorales laudavere” with three soloists and around 90 members of the Concentus rivensis choir and orchestra at Sins parish church. The audience expressed its enthusiasm with a standing ovation.
Without sentimentality, Lavarini rigorously follows his own path and creates an emotional rollercoaster in a strikingly powerful way.
The composer does not shy away from extremes, creating space for the quietest whispers as well as loud, intensive sounds that fill the room. Inexhaustibly creative and meticulously careful.
The greatness of a work is only evident in a brilliant performance. The three professional soloists performed superbly and their sensitive interpretation and great expressiveness were highly impressive.
In summary: a fantastic concert experience.

Sarganserländer, 23 October 2012

The Concentus rivensis orchestra became well known not least because of the unusual variety of its concert programmes. In its November symphony concerts, it is living up to its reputation.

Neue Zuger Zeitung, 20 December 2011

A standing ovation demonstrated the pleasure taken (...) from an exhilarating concert experience.
Fantastic variety of sounds (...) Contemporary music rich in content, to be understood with the heart. (...) Mystical expressiveness.
The composer and conductor [Enrico Lavarini] (...) led with strength and passion and was rightly given an enthusiastic reception by the audience. A fantastic concert experience.